Should you use Memes in your ads?

Today's savvy consumers are laser-focused on avoiding anything that smells like an ad. So, how do you break through the noise and get your message seen? Enter the humble meme: your secret weapon for better marketing returns.

For years, marketers toiled away crafting pristine ads that screamed "corporate." The problem? People just scroll right past them. They've become invisible. Memes, on the other hand, are the internet's cultural currency. They're funny, relatable, and instantly grab attention.Ā 

In fact, they're so effective, I've used them to subscribe a whopping 70% of you to this very newsletter! See, it works. My Cost Per Acquisition(CPA) from Meme Ads is Half of what it is of my standard static ads.

Here is why Memes Work.

Here's the magic of memes:

  • Positive and humorous: They create a connection with your audience, making your brand seem fun and approachable.

  • Generational Power: Memes are the native language of Gen Z, but their humor resonates with Millennials too. It's a direct line to a massive audience segment.

Meme-ing Done Right.

Now, before you go unleashing a meme storm on your audience, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it clean: No offensive content that targets race, gender, or anything else that might leave a bad taste.

  • Copyright matters: If you're running paid ads, avoid using memes with copyrighted celebrity images. Nobody wants a flagged account.

  • Know your audience: Not every brand is a meme machine. Make sure memes align with your brand identity and target demographic.

Crafting Your Meme Masterpiece

Ready to create your own meme magic? Here's a quick guide:

  • Imgflip to the rescue: Head over to Imgflip ā€“ it's a treasure trove for finding and creating memes.

  • Popularity with a twist: Look for popular meme formats that haven't been used to death. You don't want your ad to be lost in a sea of similar ones. Imgflip lets you download blank meme templates, which you can then import to Canva for more font and text placement options.

  • Simplicity is key: Keep your message concise and clear. Memes are fast-paced; don't overload viewers with text.

A Word on Static Ads

While memes are a powerful tool, don't ditch your traditional marketing efforts entirely. There's still a place for clear, straightforward ads targeting people who prefer a no-nonsense approach. These folks can often be high-quality leads, so don't neglect them.

The Takeaway

Marketing today is all about standing out from the crowd. Memes offer a unique way to connect with your audience, build brand loyalty, and ultimately get a better return on your marketing investment. So, unleash your inner meme-lord and get creative! Just remember, keep it clean, keep it relevant, and keep it simple. The internet, and your bottom line, will thank you for it.

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